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Quality, Process Control

4GK Plastics Maintains Strict Quality Control in Molding Process

4GK Plastics maintains strict quality control over our plastic injection molding, as well as our secondary operations such as welding, engraving, printing and heat staking.

Trained personnel utilize precision instrumentation, with both optical and touch probe ability for complete dimensional analysis of molds, prototypes and finished product.

Proactive approach – Quality systems are developed and implemented to control both process and product standards throughout the full customer/supplier chain, using advanced planning and continuous improvement methodologies to reduce variation and enhance product value.

Capability studies performed routinely evaluate the capability of tooling and manufacturing to consistently meet a customer’s product quality requirements.

Gage studies are regularly executed to match product quality evaluation with the appropriate measurement tools and methods.

Statistical Process Control – SPC is employed to monitor, evaluate and develop opportunities that improve processes and products, and predict preventive maintenance needs.

4GK Plastics Corporate Quality Policy

It is the quality policy of 4GK Plastics to provide products and services that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements through:

  1. Communication: Ability to understand customer requirements and communicate those requirements throughout our entire manufacturing process
  2. Flexibility: Ability to adapt to the changing needs of our customer
  3. Continuous Improvement: Regular evaluation of our process to achieve increased value of our products and services

Plastic Injection Molding Process Control

Process control is essential for manufacturing efficiency and product consistency. 4GK Plastics has plant-wide networks of computer hardware and software resources to continuously monitor all aspects of our facility to allow for seamless communication and real-time reporting between all internal 4GK Plastics departments. To further enhance process control, we have incorporated additional features into our operations, including:

  1. A centralized material vacuum system, which increases material handling efficiency and eliminates potential safety issues and dust accumulation.
  2. Automated statistical data collection for analysis of product-related data. This provides verification and traceability of product quality. Trend analysis allows us to decrease cycle times and predict potential production problems to minimize process variation.
  3. Microprocessor injection molding machine controllers monitor cycle parameters and variables in molding conditions.
  4. Automation of labor-intense operations increases throughput and eliminates injury caused by repetitive motion.

In addition, the entire shop floor, including the warehouse is air-conditioned to control the levels of temperature, humidity and dust. Injection molding presses that are running an engineered plastic are outfitted with a microprocessor-controlled material dryer.